No snacks before bedtime is one of the most common diet tips in the world. Not only is this the pits in practice, but it is counterproductive to many health goals. There are several nighttime muscle building nibbles that are delicious and nutritious. You simply need to choose your bedtime snacks wisely.

Starvation Mode & Myth

Reducing or increasing calories is an excellent weight management tool. This is also something which should be accomplished in increments. Your body must be allowed to adjust to the change. You should also keep a close eye on the balance of macro and micro-nutrient you consume to fuel your body. You should never starve your body.

When you severely reduce your caloric intake, your body goes into a self-preservation mode. This means when you do eat, your body stores these calories because it believes you are starving. Regardless of your health goals, you require a specific number of calories to maintain homeostasis. This includes daily bodily functions, but not much physical activity. Those who are routinely physically active must account for additional calories as well. All of them should be obtained from nutrient dense, whole foods.

Balancing your daily caloric intake assures your body that you are not starving. This is one reason many dieticians recommend eating smaller, more frequent meals. This type of diet generally includes two snacks, one of which is at bedtime. While you sleep, your body requires fuel to perform repairs and basic functions. Muscle building nighttime nibbles can actually help you achieve your health goals.

Protein Synthesis Snacking

As mentioned above, snacking at bedtime can help you achieve your health goals. When you exercise you not only burn calories, but create micro tears in your muscle fibers. Your body synthesizes protein and repairs muscle damage while you sleep. It is important to provide the appropriate fuel for this vital work. Muscle building nighttime nibbles are snacks which boost protein synthesis and enhance micro-tear repairs.

Casein protein is one of the most commonly recommended supplements for protein synthesis. You can power your body with casein protein by munching on cottage cheese. Some body builders suggest combining it with peanut butter; however, that may not please everyone’s palate. Tomatoes are high in many anti-oxidants including lycopene and pair nicely with cottage cheese.

Greek yogurt is another healthy source of casein protein which is available in plain and a wide variety of tasty flavors. If you prefer to satisfy your sweet tooth, try adding fresh fruit and a bit of unsweetened, dark chocolate. Yogurt may also be used in a wide range of savory dishes.

Eggs are another popular protein boosting, nighttime snack. A single large egg delivers around 6 grams of protein. Deviled eggs are a delicious snack and can be prepared without the fat of mayonnaise. Avocados can be used as the replacement for mayo and mustard contains almost no fat. This super fruit offers the healthy fat of omega-3 fatty acids and digestive promoting fiber.

There are also vegan friendly muscle building nighttime nibbles. Trail mixes made with an abundance of nuts are great for protein synthesis. One quarter cup of traditional mixed nuts contains about 7 grams of protein. Throw in some dried cherries to enhance muscle recovery, boost anti-oxidants, and reduce inflammation.

Keep in mind that bedtime snacks can be a healthy source of calories. It is simply a matter of what you choose to munch. Be sure you choose protein filled foods to build and repair muscle. Combine them with fruits and veggies high in fiber and micro-nutrients such as anti-oxidants.

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